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We aim for sustainable growth by creating the growth strategies of our business partners.

We are the first and only consultancy firm that provides 360° service with over 15 years of industry experience and a team specialized in the Franchise, Brand and Investment sectors. We offer services to domestic and foreign investors in areas such as brand analysis, market research, Franchise and investment consultancy.

Under the leadership of our founder Kerem Çiftçi, Franchise Check-Up, Franchise System Setup, Franchise Sales, International Growth (Master Franchise Granting), Opening a Franchise Branch, Regional Franchise Acquisition and Management (Master Franchise Purchase), Brand Purchasing or Becoming a Partner, Establishing a Brand We offer strategic solutions in services such as Location Consultancy. We are with you on the path to success!


Who Are We?

Our Expert Team

We are a strong family with our many years of experience, business partners and suppliers.

Kerem Çiftçi


After completing Bahçelievler Kocasinan Curriculum Laboratory High School, Kerem Çiftçi graduated from Anadolu University, Department of International Relations. He studied Executive MBA at Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration, Institute of Business Economics.  

Çiftçi, who has more than 15 years of experience in the retail industry, has undertaken various roles in different companies. He first worked as a Training and Development Specialist at Dominos Pizza, and then took on the duties of establishing a franchise infrastructure and brand institutionalization for the Pizza Pizza (Terra Pizza) brand.  

He took responsibility in the establishment and development processes of brands such as Fırın Sanatı, Cream Chocco and Camellia Coffee, and led the growth of these brands through franchises. With his initiative in Camellia Coffee, he has made seven franchises and one overseas master franchise agreement, although he does not have any head office yet.

Çiftçi, who specializes in Franchise Establishment, Franchise Development, Franchise Sales, Brand Establishment, Brand Development and Brand Institutionalization, founded The Franchise Office in 2023 to put his many years of experience at the service of brands.

İrfan Bilir

Project manager

After completing Mithatpaşa Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School as the 2nd, he graduated from INYAZ University, (Kiev, UKRAINE) Sports Academy. Bilir, who served as Business Development Manager at Pizza Pizza, served as Business Development Director at Çıtır Usta, General Coordinator at Tadı Döner (Simit Sarayı), and Business Development and Real Estate Director at Faruk Güllüoğlu. After taking part in the establishment of the ThreeB brand in Cyprus, he served as the General Manager of Kaşıbeyaz Lezzet Group. He has many years of experience in Brand Establishment, Business Development and General management.

Amina Muzaffar

International Project Director

Amina Muzaffer graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in the USA with a degree in Business Administration and operates as the successful franchisee of Fırın Sanatı in Turkey. He also serves as a board member of General Petroleum Middle East, which plays an active role in the lubricants industry. Active as a Business Consultant at Lincoln Methods, Amina provides consultancy services in the offices of Continental Real Estate Consulting, which provides real estate solutions and citizenship services worldwide, in Istanbul, Dubai and Florida.
He has experience in guiding foreign investors in Turkey and advising Turkish investors who want to invest in different countries. He specializes in providing strategic guidance to investors by understanding international investment dynamics and considering the specificities of the local market.

Amina has over 18 years of management and consulting experience; It specializes in education, food, chain stores and oil industries. Aiming for excellence in business operations, Amina is passionate about integrating new strategies, processes and procedures with analytical thinking that increase operational efficiency, leading to business growth and profitability.

Our Expert Team
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